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New customers can’t find you if they can’t see you. Bittysite helps you develop an online presence of your business.

The Bittysite

Know more about what is a Bittysite

What is a Bittysite?

A Bittysite is a single webpage hosted on our website Bittyweb. A Bittysite can contain all the information of a working professional or a business. Businesses can add their products or services on their Bittysite and receive orders for those products/services directly on their WhatsApp or Instagram account.

What information can be included in a Bittysite?

You can include a variety of your business details in your Bittysite. click the button below to know features of a Bittysite.


Who We Serve

Find out who really Bittysite is meant to serve.

Business Owners

Bittysite is a great choice for small businesses such as Store owners, Home bakers, Artisans, salons, Fashion services and much more who don’t want to burden their pockets for owing a large website.

Working Professionals

Convert your visitors into clients. Bittysite Provide working professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Photographers, Dancers, Wedding planners, Consultants, Personal trainer and much more  a platform to display their talent and skills without spending much of their hard earn money.

Bittysite Features

Learn more about what your Bittysite can do.

Mobile Responsive

Your Bittysite comes in a responsive design with  easy user interface to leave a good impression

Receive orders

Receive orders for your products or services from your Bittysite directly on your WhatsApp.

Store location

Have an offline store ? Link your store’s or business google map location to your Bittysite.

Call To Actions

Receive customers calls and messages directly with the help of CTA buttons on your Bittysite 

Receive Payments

Share your Payments mode details such as Bank details, QR codes on your Bittysite

Generate Leads

Get online queries about your business on email via your Bittysite and loose no  customer.


Show what your clients and customers have to say about your business on your Bittysite. 

Social Pressence

Social Media Can Help Promote Your Business. Advertise all your social pages on your Bittysite.

Expand Your Business Reach

Reach more of your target audience with Bittysite.

Dessert Store

Dessert Store is a demo template for a Home Baker Business Bittysite.
View Demo

Choice Cafe

Choice Cafe is a demo template for a Cafe Bittysite.
View Demo

The Photo Studio

The Photo Studio is a demo template for a Photography Studio Bittysite.
View Demo

Perks Of Bittysite

Discover why Bittysite is a great choice for you.

We Charge absolutely nothing for your product or service sell. Make sell directly through WhatsApp chat button on your Bittysite. 

We feel proud to provide you 99.99 % Website Uptime. Your Bittysite is Https secured and 100 percent reliable.

Forget the fear of paying high development, maintenance, and deployment charges for your website. Bittysite does all of this for you at a very affordable price. 


Bittysite provides you with entirely new ways to reach your audience. Even if you don’t want to pay for online ads, your Bittysite itself can help market your business. 

Bittyweb provides you services like Website Development Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing services OnDemand to help you establish or market your business online into a Brand.

Frequently Answered Questions

Have some doubts ? We got you covered.

A Bittysite is a single webpage hosted on our website Bittyweb. A Bittysite can contain all the information of a working professional or a business.

Anyone with the internet connection can visit your Bittysite. You can share your Bittysite link with your friends, customers and family.

Yes you can. We provide the option to include your products in your Bittysite. The customer can directly order the product on your WhatsApp or Instagram profile. 

We do not charge any commission on any of your product sell. Your customer will contact you directly to purchase any product or service.

No, it is not. You can also have a Bittysite without a Logo. A written text can also be considered as a logo sometimes. However, Bittyweb do provide graphic designing services and we can also design a logo for you.

Along with Bittysite, we at Bittyweb also provide Web Development, Social Media Marketing and Graphic Designing services. We also provide website invitation services for wedding, engagement or any other event at our website – www.amantrran.com

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